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My name is Betsy. Welcome to my small corner of the world. Through my years of helping others on their journey I have learned a great deal about myself, as well. We are all on this amazing life ride together and when we join our energies and begin to heal each other, that is the greatest of gifts. I am here to help people who are wandering through life on survival mode and want to change but need a little bit of light  to guide the way.  To help the average person, who needs a little encouragement to get out of their shell and into their fullest creative potential. To help the  people who are taking the first steps on their journey towards purpose, passion, and self-empowerment as well as those who’ve trekked a treacherous voyage towards enlightenment — and everyone in between. To me, teaching means healing hearts and souls, and that’s just exactly what I do.

I believe that the reality we live in is a mere hologram. So many of us become overwhelmed trying to constrain ourselves into this mental box that we were never meant to fit inside of.  You are an infinite energetic being, living the human experience, you are here for a reason, and life does not have to be in the constraints of what we have been conditioned to believe.  

I offer many other helpful services and resources to help you along the way including Astrology and tarot readings, individual spiritual coaching, long-distance Reiki, and many masterclasses to reach your highest potential in manifesting and learning how to be the best version of yourself, everyday, It all starts with one step forward. Come with me and we’ll take this first step together.


 I was skeptical of long distance Reiki before Betsy.  I tasked her to crank it up to 11 to remove some blockages.  She agreed, put in some elbow grease, and removed them!  It was a strange yet pleasant sensation of energy flowing into my body, specifically for me around the Solar Plexus Chakra which is where I needed the most work. I woke up the next morning full of energy and restored confidence.  I’ve had several sessions since then and I feel amazing.  I would highly recommend Betsy to anyone who is seeking assistance in unblocking and aligning their Chakras.

Austin Grant

Excellent reading! I just came here to book a second reading actually. Betsy is very intuitive, compassionate, and knowledgeable... Probably the best reading I've ever had. Thanks Betsy!            


The year 2017 will stay in my memory forever.  Betsy was ‘the’ reason I snapped out of a personally challenging situation. Fearless intuition makes complete sense to me now. To be honest, I am quite pleasantly surprised to have discovered the fearless aspect to human intuition that I never knew existed. And oh, I just heard the spirits say, Betsy ‘is’ the universe...

Aditya Yellamrajuu