a little about me

I am an intuitive energy healer with a soft spot for humanity, I believe life is about the journey  and not just the destination. We are all returning to a state of unconditional love, through healing.

I work to guide people through this three-dimensional reality into the unknown, where together we can explore the deepest levels of your soul so that you can access your higher self and lead a more purpose-filled life.I help seekers learn how to navigate their journey through intuitive guidance, shadow work and sacred tools such as astrology, tarot, reiki sessions, and intuitive life coaching.

You can find me on YouTube as Fearless Intuition where I offer free monthly astrology and tarot readings for every zodiac sign. You can also find me on Facebook as Fearless Intuition; Instagram @fearlessintuition1111; or on Twitter
I regularly travel to hold live workshops where I teach people how to live authentically. You can also find me on YouTube as Fearless Intuition where I offer free monthly tarot readings for every sign as well as energy updates, and twin flame readings.
If you have landed here it’s because you are ready to follow your Soul onto the path of enlightenment. Welcome to Fearless Intuition, whether you are a seeker with a newfound curiosity to explore your consciousness or a well seasoned spiritualist, are all welcome!
how I help…
I help people help themselves by guiding them through the healing process so they can  move past spiritual blockages and move on to living out their soul purpose. Using things like tarot cards and Reiki healing, these souls can begin to open up and blossom into their fullest potential and finally live authentically.
Lets be clear though; I work with people who are ready to take action and take their own purpose into their hands, who are willing to hear the truth and take constructive feedback. I’m the person who will tell it like it is — no coddling. I’m here to help people like you live outside the parameters of this 3-D world.
who I help…
I help people who feel lost. The people who feel stuck within the confines of a seemingly meaningless reality. Those who’ve been misguided, and those who have realized that they are not just meandering through a hollow shell of existence but instead here to fulfill a purpose.
I help those ready to set foot on their spiritual journey and I call these beloved beings Spiritual Seedlings. They are ready to take action towards changing their hearts, minds, and  lives to fully live in their purpose and change the lives of those around them. These are those who will become Spiritual Warriors.
why I help…
I help people not only because it brings me great joy to see people expanding themselves and moving forward with their lives in a healthy way — but because this is a huge part of my purpose here.
I want to help people change the world by pushing them to become the best version of themselves through spiritual alignment and healing work so they can find their own magic and create their own reality. Knowing that I had a part in something so meaningful — it’s huge for me. I thank everyone who has and will allow me to guide them to walk into the unknown, because it is here  where the real magic happens.